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Moretti Introduction

MORETTI Introduction

Moretti, Inter-fashion, a strong presence, with numerous stores throughout Italy. The Moretti Group’s extensive and diverse product range ensures the flexibility needed today to compete successfully in the international marketplace. We have just one goal: make products available to our customers that meet their requirements, by emphasising quality and innovation. Moretti, a major international group that is still in touch with its roots.

During the years Moretti has navigated the shifting fashion territory, in step with every shift in mood, we have consistently delivered great design, impeccable quality and real value.

The Moretti customer is savvy, sophisticated, smart and sure of what she wants. She has spent the ‘fast fashion years’, tapped into every micro trend and style movement. She knows what is hot and what is not. Her fashion favourites are like old friends. And for fashion, her passion could always trump her purse. But, facing her future, she has learned new ways to be demanding. She knows just what she wants: quality chic; mood boosting basics; everyday luxury at an honest price; supreme service; fast fashion with a clear conscience; instant impact. She has no patience to wait and see. The labels that lure deliver a precise message with a clear voice.

mg电子游艺Every new Moretti collection evolves to address the style freedoms: brilliant basics better than anyone else and reliably available; classics that are always chic, the staples of every woman’s wardrobes; the secret style weapons that keep a look current; the trends that take you farther than one season; reasons to always love knitwear.


Fashion is at the heart of Moretti. But style is its beating pulse.
Simple luxury is our promise. But quality is our core.
Design drives us. Technical integrity anchors us.
All the products below are from the top designers from Italy and Germany:
Knit Garments
Fashion Bags


Firstly the expression of a declaration:
In each design there is an idea,
but also a craft, a trade,
and thus also an art!
This declaration is encompassed in each project, which is interpreted and created by our creative team!
Knit art design is service, is hand-craft. Conceptualized and conducted by the designers, specialized in the designs and development of 3 product groups:
· Knitted elements and items
· Jersey elements and items
· Soft items
Knit art design is a passion for design and art, translated into objects of daily life.
mg电子游艺 It is a professional and responsible organization, accompanying the collection projects from the first mood board up to the last prototype-model, ensuring it hangs punctually and perfectly in its place in a set or amongst a knit collection.



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